Mini vacation was great but it feels good to be back at @halozbarbershop hit me up for appointments


To old friends that don’t make an effort. Hello to new friends that actually care


internet exists…. youtube exists………. so much technology at your disposal to learn how to do things…… 0 excuses for having bad eyebrows in 2014 


Where am I?

And here we go. @gingerpastor1 @bill.yomes @c3family



"I AM SO SORRY" (2011, Short Film)

This is the most powerful short film I’ve seen.

This film STILL hits me.

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Leaving for a small camping trip this weekend and I’m pretty excited cause this will be my first time really camping. Also I’m planning to just have my phone off all weekend and disconnect from technology for awhile. Well thanks for reading cause I’m pretty sure no ever reads these text post anyways lol.